Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prayer request

please pray for my Husband, he is in TX with his new job (same company) different location and something has came up that he needs prayer. The company he works for is transferring (he was going to be laid off) him to Marshall, TX to service a kitchen cabinet plant (he sells them material and makes sure everything runs properly) well this plant has decided not to use the company my husband works for as a supplier for materials anymore, therefore he will not be needed at this plant in TX. The guy who runs the plant has offered my husband a job to work for the plant itself, well it is a huge pay cut (I am not presently working because of health) and don't know about the insurance (you all know my situation and I have to have insurance). My Husband was going to call his new boss to see if he could come down to help talk this plant owner into using their materials, well the plant owners son who runs the show tells my husband not to call his boss because I want to offer you a job with us (it would be 1000 a month pay cut). as of yet my husbands company does not have any knowledge of this plants plan to find another supplier. My husband does not know what to do , if he says with his company now he will still probably be laid off. he just really needs to be lifted up so he can discern what God has for us. I know we will be taken care of because God promises that to his children but we need to know what God's plan is through all of this so Please pray that God reveal to us his plan and what to do. I know you all will pray and I thank you in advance for that.

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